Bible Study: Intercessory Prayer

Looking for a Bible study on intercessory prayer? Look no farther! Here are some verses to get you started on your journey. Genesis 18:23-33  Philemon 1:22 James 5:14-16 Matthew 5:44 1 Timothy 2:1 Colossians 1:9  1 Thessalonians 5:25 Job 42:10 1 Tim 2:1-2 Matthew 17:15 Mark 7:24-30 Luke 7:1-10 John 4:46-54 Comment if you have … Continue reading Bible Study: Intercessory Prayer

Getting Back Up

In our Christian walk, it can seem discouraging when hard things happen or when we make mistakes. There are so many Bible characters that seemed to make major mistakes--but we still look at them as heroes: Noah got drunk.Abraham lied about Sarah only being his sister and he didn't trust God and took a second … Continue reading Getting Back Up


Sometimes when we view other people’s lives, we judge them. Sometimes when we look at other people’s lives we view them as having arrived. They have achieved. But what pitiful sentiment. To think that a human being can arrive to their choicest self (at least here on earth). Perhaps they have gained accolades and accomplished … Continue reading Arrival

That is all.

I’ve hesitated to write this so many times. Even now I’m not sure I’ll ever post it.  The world is in chaos.   We have an unprecedented global event.  And the religious world, as they should, seek significance.   We, as humanity, cling to what order we can bring from chaos.  We fight for meaning … Continue reading That is all.

The Power of a Praying Friend

I remember in college reading the autobiography of George Mueller. ( A read I can highly recommend.) What stood out to me most about this man was his absolute faith in God and his dedication to prayer. When I was writing this post I did some research, looking for what evangelist or reformer was known … Continue reading The Power of a Praying Friend

A Millennial’s Christmas Wish to Her Church

Recently I heard Audrey Aussad's version of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic." Her version's verse goes something like this: I’ve seen you in our home firesBurning with a quiet lightYou are mothering and feedingIn the wee hours of the nightYour gentle love is patientYou will never fade or tire. Your peace will make us one. … Continue reading A Millennial’s Christmas Wish to Her Church