Pray for Ukraine- a Breakdown

The past few days have been tragic. Ukraine is being invaded by Russia and civilians are being killed indiscriminately.

I know there are a LOT of voices shouting and calling from every direction, as a church member, here are a few helpful things to remember:

1. Pray for Ukraine’s people. They are being killed—no matter what way you look at it. That alone is heartbreaking. Europe is one of the most secular places on earth. Too many are hurting and dying right now. Pray for peace and wisdom. Pray for miracles and healing.

2. Donate to ADRA. Currently ADRA is providing on-ground humanitarian relief in Ukraine. Any amount helps preserve life. You can find more on their website here:

3. Remember not to panic. Jesus told us there would be wars and rumors of them in Matthew 24:6. In fact, He told us NOT to be alarmed by them. They are just the beginning of the birth pangs. This doesn’t mean we can’t be prepared in case of emergency in the same way we would for a hurricane (see 2019’s toilet paper shortage for a what not to do), but we don’t need to panic or panic buy. Resources are not for hoarding, but sharing.

4. Check and double check your news and make sure what you are hearing is true. There are resources and newspapers in Ukraine that are fairly reliable in their reporting. Here’s one I’ve been following: The Kyiv Independent.

Now is the time to start talking with your friends and posting about how your faith gives you hope—not fear-mongering. Now is the time to ramp up sharing Jesus with others. Now is the time to put your faith in action.