Here are the places I’ve been featured or invited as a guest.


Campmeeting TOday

From 2017-2022 I served as a news reporter every camp meeting for the Carolina Conference. All of my articles can be found on the Campmeeting Today website.

Southern Tidings

In 2018, I wrote an article for the Southern Union periodical about a kindness club Carolina Conference hosted during camp meeting. It is published on the Southern Tidings website.


ASI Southern Union Panel

In 2014, ASI hosted the Evangelism, Missions, and the Market Place Conference. I appeared on a panel discussion with Michael Cafferky, Greg Wilson, Jack Blanco, and Kyle Allen.

Echo Podcast

In 2019, I appeared on a Southern Adventist University and Carolina Conference sponsored podcast called ECHO. The topic of Doctrines and Jesus are two topics that are under discussion amongst millennials and other young adults. I Joined Ryan Becker and Luke Kendall as we shared our personal opinions on these subjects.

GYC Speaker

In 2017, I spoke at GYC’s annual convention about Jesus. I spoke about Him being our only hope.



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