That is all.

I’ve hesitated to write this so many times. Even now I’m not sure I’ll ever post it. 

The world is in chaos.  

We have an unprecedented global event. 

And the religious world, as they should, seek significance.   We, as humanity, cling to what order we can bring from chaos.  We fight for meaning in a clash of words. And those of us that are religious, look to what we know for that order. 

But dear reader, perhaps is that where we all falter.  We seek significance in what we know rather than Who we know.  

Little ones, as Paul called his believers—a comforting phrase to me— we are all little ones. We are all trying so desperately to seek safety and a place of calm. We all seek hope.

Some find significance in what they can figure out about the future and what is really going on. 

Others survive and find their significance in clinging to what they already know not seeking more.

However you survive in this time, little ones (a group I include myself in), know that He has promised that He loves and will save. Whether you look to the future or look to the now for courage and direction, know that perhaps it is not in what we know, but who. And what better time to remember that than Easter.

He rose for you.  And surely if He died for you then He will surely save. So lift up your head, your redemption truly draws nigh. Every day. Regardless of what is going on in this world.  If we all look to our Jesus and grow to love Him more and more every day, then we have nothing to fear. 

We need only believe and trust in the Gift given to us. To fall in love with Him and grow in our friendship. 

That is all. 

He is the order in this chaos we fight day after day. 

“I will not leave you comfortless, I myself will come to you.” 

John 14:18